Saturday, January 9, 2010


I miss you guys hehe ! anyways our class video has reached 60 views ! who else would watch it besides us ? HAHA .

Sunday, December 6, 2009


you know what ? after reading azalea's cheerful , happy post , i feel like this blog does need some updating ! but my head , as usual is blank and nothing is popping out /:

sorry for this useless post , though. haha

Friday, October 23, 2009

HI , i'm sorry

i know it's been a year. baru dapat upload here. ENJOY :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

pmr's over ;D

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! hehe , since pmr dah habis , jom reunion ? a proper one ? ALL of us ? pretty please , i'm missing you all like crazy. if we have it at mcd sect 14 , it'll be like last year's class party , hehe (: anything la. i'll keep ya'll posted.

ANYWAYS , do you know what we all were doing last year on the 7th Oct 08 (first day of pmr for this year) ? yes , camwhoring if you got that one right P: alright la , im going off now. just wanted to update. bye (:


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


the first picture of the first time we ever camwhored together and still continued it till the end of the year (':

my days are getting suckish day by day. pmr anxiety attack! gah whatever. don't want to waste your time reading about me rambling.


i know we'll be able to pull this off! you guys CAN DO IT!!

ohh, exactly THIS time of LAST year, we were practicing for sejarah drama, although we lost, lol. missing you guys (: MORE than you can ever imagine.

-you know who i am (:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

about the study group

alright ? we'll change the venue and time every week. but you guys join la !
see ya'll tomorrow , alright , goodnight !


Dancing on the kitchen tiles

Azalea, jahat gile u ni ! Not her fault that she ... um, has gain weight.

Anyway, you people won't see much of me during recess now. I have now started going for duty (:
Oh, and i have news. Not so shocking, but news non other the less. It has something 2 do with the library or whatever.

Oh and when are we gonna start the study group thing?? I hope we start it soon ;(

Toddles yo,
nadiah (:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yeah , i know

i don't sit there anymore. AZALEA , if you came out for recess early again , i would , but now you don't and i don't have anyone to sit with ):

ANYWAY , i miss you guys and my class *cough* is driving me up the wall. seriously. gotta go !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

you know what I just realised?

KELLY Clarkson, really quite ugly.

Random, much.


PS: You guys start eating at the 2C table again lah. Oh and to whoever yang terasa, there's a reason why it is called a 2-CEKAP-table ;)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

there they sit on the strawberry swing


hahahhahahahahahahaahhahahaha. yeah. i enjoyed myself during teknik menjawab soalan , thanks to you guys :D sorry i couldn't spend much time with you all during  hari koko. wanted to but i was :

1)  lazy to leave the PR and had a migraine
2) hari koko was dead boring

and i noticed the 'supposedly' 2C table at the canteen has been taken over by the f1s O: as long as we eat together , right ? gee , trials are so close but i know that YOU ALL CAN DO IT :D see you on monday (: missing you all loads ,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh sweet heart, put the bottle down

Ooo, so many COLOURS!! (:

Hey, i rarely see you guys too. The 'konon nye' 2c table is starting to get less crowded. Non 2c people eat there now. Oh well, at least we have memories,right? And good luck for trials and of course, PMR!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

i miss you nutcases

yes , i do , definitely , no doubt about that. and honestly speaking , i haven't met a lot of you in ages. this blog's been pretty dead. form three is like , it's like you're dehydrating for rest ! it's been stressful. trials is around the corner. i wish you all good luck for trials ! you all can do it ! i miss you guys i miss you guys i miss you guys i miss you guys i miss you guys i miss you guys I MISS YOU GUYS !

-izarra !

Saturday, June 20, 2009

drown in my thoughts

Hey you guys ! Just wanna post something here since it looks so dead. By the way, I miss having recess with you guys :( . The musical drama is just around the corner so we've been practicing a lot during school hours. Please everyone, come & support. Be the 2cekapians who will be supporting us & the school. We really need some supportment! Oh and don't forget to invite your friends or anyone. We'll try our hardest to play till the last stroke of the string. Haha. And I just want you to know that , my heart still belongs here. Eventhough we are in diff classes, I still find myself drowning in thoughts with you guys. It's like I'm a fish trying to learn how to swim in a sea when I only used to swim in a pond. Haha, get it? After pmr, cn we go out or something? Oh! Let's sink our teeth in the cinemas for new moon, twilighters! I find many of us are drooling over jacob black, or taylor lautner (?) , LOL, it seems funny because we used to not like him, remember? Jacob I mean. Taylor... okay lahh. Last time, he was unnoticeable except during a scene in La Push in twilight, where he had long locks which were fugly. Lol. UHHHHH, I can't wait for new moon! Alright you guys, bye. I think I gotta go now.

your kd, lol?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

truth be told i miss you.

hello all !
sorry for the lack of update , life's been pretty busy.
so here i am , to revive it and bring it back to life !

looking back at these photos (and another 1o00+ more, if i'm not mistaken) brings tears to my eyes. i'm okay with my class but then again , it's not the same. and it never will be. i really miss those endless days we had. time really flies. 

i miss spending time with you all.
i miss listening to shaarmini's contagious laugh.
i miss listening to ira's singing.
i miss talking nonsense with aina.
i miss hearing thabeena's loud voice.
i miss talking celeb stuff with azalea and nadiah.
i miss laughing with billa.
i miss watching jamie draw.
i miss going over to helinna's table and talk.
i miss writing stuff i wanted to as i please on the board.
i miss saying 'hello monkeys' when i enter the class.
i miss singing 'so what' and 'lucky' with you guys.
i miss renia's kepak song.
i miss watching munirah being 'bullied' by namirah.
i miss peeking into our lost and found box to check out new lost items.
i miss talking about private with you guys.
i miss our camwhoring moments.
i miss playing around with charmaine's stuff.
i miss watching nadiah and azalea going crazy over some celeb hotties.
i miss running and watching everyone run frantically to change into our maths seats.
i miss watching chee yan sleep in class.
i miss bringing tuppawares of cupcakes to school.
i miss playing emily's game.
i miss watching nurul , saba , aliah and sab sitting in a corner and talk.
i miss reena's loud voice.
i miss it when wen li makes me laugh.
i miss being hyper in school.
i miss sivik classes.
i miss it when charmaine surprises me with her aunt's homemade chocolates.
i miss sitting on the staircase.
i miss going up and down the staircase to see what everyone's up to.
i miss it when everyone tells ira to keep quiet when she starts singing.
i miss watching everyone's expression during pats geo/sejarah.
i miss laughing like there's no tomorrow.
i miss geo lessons. 
i miss science lessons.
i miss english lessons.
i miss our teachers.
i miss watching sophie telling helinna edward cullen proposed to her.
i miss receiving/ giving out links. amazingly , it reaches everyone.
i miss coming into class after duty, and you all say hi.
i miss telling you guys to keep quiet and laugh after that.
i miss looking at our 2Cekap photo gallery.
i miss being crazy in class.
i miss calling chee yan SBUB.
i miss our class cos we never had any cliques.
i miss it when our class' being announced 'kelas terkotor' almost every week, idk why.
i miss doing our identity class during pj.
i miss the noise we used to make. and it annoyed other people.
i miss everyone.
i miss 2008.
i miss 2Cekap.

Friday, May 1, 2009

cause you were always there for me


april has come and gone , i hope you april babes had an awesome birthday, anddddd happy birthday to our may babes , presenting *drumrolls* FARAH , IZARRA , NAMIRAH , MUNIRAH and NADIRAH ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

OHHHHHHH ! and good luck for mid year , loves <3

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

short update

man, this blog's been dead and it came back to life!
hahahahhahaha, so life has been okay but still, last year is just UNBEATABLE.
i thought i couldn't move on with life after 2008 but i have to look forward and of course, i don't wanna be left behind. homework is killing me to the pits! gotta go, loves <3 OHHH! and happy birthday to the april babes , that is BILLA, ALIAH, RENIA AND AZALEA !



Saturday, March 7, 2009

having the time of my life,

man, don't you just miss those moments where we used to sit on the stairs to camwhore? i know i do (: sighs, *takes deep breath* okay, i've been thinking - during the holidays, we have to do this sejarah kerja kursus right? as azalea said, let's go and have the research together ! carcosa maybe , and after that we do whatever (klcc and watch confessions of a shopaholic ? and spend three or four hours in kinokuniya ! ) sounds awesome , no?

again, imissyouguysimissyouguysimissyouguysimissyouguys !
oh so colourful :D and and who's kind enough to get me tickets for coldplay's concert ?? unfortunately it's in singapore. on a monday. oh wow, greaaaat. so, see you guys on tuesday ,

missing you all like you can never imagine ,
izarraaaaaaa !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

hang on there,

azalea, put a cbox will ya?
ahaaahaha, im soooo lazy.
so march test is over. sorry to remind you people out there but pmr is not,

oh i missyouguyssososomuch you know that?
imissyouallimissyouallimissyouall <3


Friday, February 20, 2009

let it flow let it flow

I just realised that you people are so dramatic. And most of my friends have bipolar disorder. I'm the only that is stable, I think. But sometimes a girl gotta blow. And when I blow, I blow.


PS: I TALK TO HIM! OH. MY GOD. AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

haha, yeah

argh! i miss you guys so much!
if u dnt knw who's writing, chck down there